Why LemonShark Poké?

We are the fastest growing Poké concept in America with over 20 sold in the past 3 months alone. We utilize Comprehensive Operations and Proprietary Training Materials, and Strategies.

We believe the key to any restaurant’s success, will always be the location. That is why all of our territories are protected with thorough demographic research.

We are organized and staffed for rapid growth with over 50+ corporate employees already in place from the franchise restaurant industry, as well as real estate professionals on staff to assist you to find only the very best locations. We feel strongly that we have an “edge” with the Founders 25+ years experience in lease negotiation, and securing the best terms possible at the “right price”.

On-Going Support

Your Regional Franchise Consultant will provide:

-Monthly Conference Calls

-Visit(s) to your Restaurant every Quarter

-On-going training, customer service programs for franchisee and staff.

-Expert marketing, advertising, social media, and sales assistance.

-Business analysis.

LemonShark is a restaurant that serves locally sourced and crafted Poké. Passion is our most important ingredient as we bring you the beauty of raw fish flavors in every bite.

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